HeartXart Studio in Whangaparaoa

Wow it has been a year now since I got the studio and painted it. Time has flown by. I really should have done a competition or an event to celebrate. Perhaps a grand opening? A year later?

heart x art studio whangaparaoa

That sounds like it is my style. I have had a grand opening of sorts, but it is just more subtle than anything. It really is just in my head! I have been doing markets all over Auckland for a few years now but I have recently decided to give them a break and keep my studio set up as an art gallery permanently. I found it difficult to load everything up into my car, do a market then set everything up again for only a week or two at the most. . then do it all over again.

Having it permanently set up means I can make it all pretty all the time!

Here are some photos and a video I took yesterday. Including one of my favourite couples popping in to pick up an It’s a Squirrel! Art Print, Sonic the Hedgehog Art Card and a Stompy Ariel Acrylic Block. . . . I love these guys!

Looking good. #artstudio

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Yesterday I also made a screen printing sign. I have all that set up in my house and am still having so much fun doing it. I have quite a cool range of shirts taken from my stencil art and another local artist also has a range available under my heartXart label. I am currently looking out for my next artist to work on a next collection. Doing custom t shirt printing is a lot of fun too.


sonic the hedgehog stencil art

heart x art studio whangaparaoa gifts