Stencil Art New Zealand

Along with my new site I snapped up! I want to make it a rad little site showcasing stencil art from all over New Zealand! Enter: Stencil Art New Zealand.

Of course at the moment it is just me and a lovely lady by the name Carlie Fittock I met through my facebook page on there (because I only made it yesterday) but I am sure there will be a lot of artists join over time.

I have promised myself I am not going to spend too long on it, and just naturally see if it gains any traction. I would love to just set it up and SEO it good and proper and see what happens. 馃檪 Okay, okay, I probably will because I can’t help myself. If you are reading this I most likely told you to!

In saying that, SEOing stuff / optimising stuff takes time and it is easy to get carried away no matter what. But it’s okay, I am pretty good at it, so it will be ranking before I know it. Any artist that puts their art there get a link to their website / social media, and we all know google love links, so I am expecting it to help out, even a tiny a bit. Best part. . .we have a shiny new Stencil Art website in New Zealand!

My past experience with the artist promotional project Pink Noise, I did back in 2011 taught me that this kind of platform can and usually does take off (to the point I couldn’t even keep up!) So we will see what will happen. . .

If you know of anyone that might be interested, why not link them up? It would be very nice of you and we would love you for it. In fact if YOU like the idea, give us some link love, hit the like / share / all the buttons! The power of the internet is pretty amazing and all it takes is a few supportive people for cool things to happen. xx



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