Pop Up Art Gallery / Shop at Coast Plaza Whangaparaoa

I was lucky enough to have another space at Coast Plaza in June for a week. It was such an amazing massive space I had a great time filling it up! I can hardly believe all this stuff fit back into my tiny studio in Stanmore Bay.

It was great to have all my patches and fun little sewing projects out on display. I took along my sewing machine and set up a little bit of a work bench and made things all week. A really cool Game of Thrones stencil of Arya happened, which I still haven’t had a chance to paint.

I met a lot of neat people! Unfortunately I have been sick since I packed it up and I haven’t really had a chance to do much recently. In fact I couldn’t do very much for the months before it too. I randomly hit two weeks of health right at the perfect time to do the shop. I am eternally battling the formidable foe known as Crohns Disease so my health is always standing in the way of me and my art work. I still manage to get things done somehow and any second I feel semi okay I am up and creating. I dread to think how much art I would have around me if I was well more than 10% of the time!