Over Queens Birthday weekend I was lucky enough to be included in the brilliant Makers Market that happened, quite fittingly at Queens Wharf in Auckland.

There were some marvelous creations on display and rad people involved in the market and I certainly had some interesting chats with the people that were looking around. I met some very, very cool people. If you are reading this and you think I might be meaning you . . .聽 you are probably one of these people! Thanks for stopping by my stand!

I only managed to get a few photos, I wish I had pulled out my camera more often. I thought I would share them on here anyway. 馃檪

I think my favorite sale was made by the man in the hat. As soon as he walked up I thought to myself “Boy does he have a Fear and Loathing thing going on or what. . I will have to show him my Bat Country print”聽 . . . I didn’t have to as he made a beeline for a pile of prints, looked through quite a few of them and pulled it straight out. Definitely made my day.

The next day was made by a lovely lady exclaiming “I think you are my spirit animal”!

A big thanks to everyone that made it possible, I know it was a mission and a lot of work went on to make everything as fabulous as it was. 馃檪 xx

p.s Sign me up for next year! 馃槈 \m/

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