UPDATE 19/04

It is here! It is painted. It is all ready to go! I spent three days painting it, not going to lie it was a mission. I painted till my hand cramped and I couldn’t hold a brush any longer!

I went with a black floor. I was thinking about light pink and light grey checkers. Turns out, a) that would have been a bit more expensive than I would have liked and b) a too bit complex and c) I am impatient and wanted to set it up sooner rather than later. I love it black! I had to do some extra arty painting on the wall. It’s almost like my space is an extension of my canvases. I didn’t realise until I put up some pieces and the same scratches and crosses were on the wall as the painting.

I had way too much fun painting the signs too. I would be happy if that is all I ever painted I think.

Here are some photos of my progress so far. <3

I have some ideas about the website too. If you want to check it out just call or text me on 021 028 38013.


UPDATE 10/04

Only a few more days till my studio arrives! I have some cool plans about how I am going to set it up. It will be very pretty, with all of my art displayed in unique and interesting ways. The address is 6A Cedar Terrace, Whangaparaoa.

I have also decided to create a whole new website for it. (Why not? I make websites as much as I make art!) I secured the domain www.art.kiwi.nz. How nifty is that?? There is nothing there yet. But don’t worry it won’t be long till it is the cutest stencil art gallery website ever!

APRIL 6/04

So I had a brainwave last week. I need a shop / studio / gallery outside my house in Whangaparaoa! 馃槈

After much searching online I discovered that my best bet would be to give Dreamtime Cabins a call. I was right. Shane was a complete legend and came to have a look at where I planned to position it, we talked through all my options; down to where the door was going and the style of the window. . . and of course the best exterior so that I could paint it. 馃槈

Everything was processed super fast and easily, and now my cabin is being built as I type!

No doubt there will be many posts about this, especially when I get to set it up. But so far I have these pretty progress shots to share. 馃檪 It does look rather drafty at the moment but I am sure it will work out okay. 馃槈 馃槈

dreamtime cabins art studio whangaparoa

dreamtime cabins art studio progess