So over these past horrible weathered months, I shut down my gallery and let my friend live in it! Pretty cool actually. I was a bit jealous. . anyways, now that the weather has cleared up a bit my friend has moved on and I have transformed the space a bit. I have kept the mattress in there, the real reason is that it is the heaviest thing ever created. But the pretend reason is so I don’t get sore knees. 😉 Also it makes for all sorts of jokes along the lines of;

I am most creative in bed. . etc.

I have started prepping some boards and I found a nifty curved bit of MDF that I am going to paint up with some frogs in honour of my Dad. They are the same stencils as I used when I painted his casket. I am considering putting up a post of photos of it. Just for inspiration in case anyone else was motivated to do something similar. It was very hard, but very worth it. 😀

When the weather is nice, I will have it open. I will have it set up as a gallery still, with prints here and there, canvases around also my jewellery cards and acrylic blocks scattered about. 🙂