So anyone out there that owns my art might notice that I sign my work with a heart crossed out. Or a scribble which forms some semblance to this…

I hadn’t really thought about this until last night, I have just always done it, from the first thing I painted in 2007. Once I thought about it I remembered the origin of this symbol. When I was 13. I had a boyfriend (well as serious a boyfriend as one can have at 13) he was a punk. And an artist actually now I think of it. Back then we didn’t have smart phones or even email so much, we used… Wait for it FAX MACHINES.

One day at my best friend house we were faxing each other things we had drawn. Think classic DIY cut out and paste zine styles. He sent me a picture he had drawn of me. And signed it with a heart crossed out, you know because he was punk and all.

For some reason I just drew it on the back of my painting back in 2007, in later years possibly scribbled it or half crossed it out given my feelings surrounding love and such had changed over the years and maybe I didn’t quite agree with the sentiment that it implied at the time.


Anyway…I wonder what happened to Jono. Hopefully he is still drawing somewhere.