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Category - Stencil Painting

Stencil Video + Final Painting

Stencil Painting

Stencil Process+ Final Painting Medical Attention Required on Venice Beach is definitely one of my most popular paintings! I thought I would post an image of the stencil before I painted it so you can see a bit of my process.

Zombie Dorothy is on my Fridge

Art Projects, Neat Stuff, Stencil Painting

I was cutting this stencil and decided I really loved it and I wanted to put it somewhere for myself instead of on a board to sell. . . I soon decided it needed to be on my fridge! I really love it, also my house smells like Spray Paint now. 😀 I like to call it “Chillage of Oz”. >< Prints HAD to be made. . . .

Art at a Rad Barber Shop

Markets / Shops / Pop Up Galleries, Stencil Painting

I have been lucky enough to be invited to display some of my prints and canvases in a pretty radical lil barber shop in Orewa called The Barber Lounge. Go in and say hi. 🙂

Coast Barbell Commission

Art Projects, Art Studio, Commissions, Stencil Painting

I think this is the largest commission I have ever done. I used Acrylic and Spray Paint and a whole lot of Hand Cut Stencils. I absolutely love how the Skulls turned out. Badass!! \m/

Heart Scribble

Art Studio, Stencil Painting

So anyone out there that owns my art might notice that I sign my work with a heart crossed out. Or a scribble which forms some semblance to this…

Lady Bonnet Locks Commission + A Rad Art Project – Project Damsel Productions.

Art Projects, Stencil Painting

Recently I had the pleasure of creating this commission for the wonderful Lady Bonnet Locks Salon in Wellington.