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Category - Neat Stuff

I like painting on Skateboards [Pickle Rick | Rick and Morty]

I like painting on Skateboards The first skateboard I did was Pickle Rick, it was THE MOST FUN. Here are some photos and even a stop motion video of it! :O  

Vault Magazine Interview

I was asked a few months back by a lovely lady by the name of Claudia Munro to answer a few questions for a magazine call Vault. I have just seen what Claudia and her creative team has put together and I am blown away. It is truly a very cool magazine.

Large Scale Art Posters

Oh my stars check out these large scale art posters!

Heartxart all up in your stuff.

This screen printing this is out of control fun! It has been a few months since I got all my gear, and although I DID take a few months over Christmas due to a nasty hit on my head courtesy of a metal rod hanging down from my broken gazebo at Coatesville Market, I have been going great guns! My stencils are just perfect for this domain, they turn out ever so cool. Take a look at www.heartxart.nz if you haven’t already. Some of these shirts are taken from photos of my stencils, and then a screen is developed. Others are directly printed from the hand cut stencil, this means…

Zombie Dorothy is on my Fridge

I was cutting this stencil and decided I really loved it and I wanted to put it somewhere for myself instead of on a board to sell. . . I soon decided it needed to be on my fridge! I really love it, also my house smells like Spray Paint now. 馃榾 I like to call it “Chillage of Oz”. >< Prints HAD to be made. . . .

Look Who’s Talking – Rodney Times

Cool! I got asked to answer a few questions about living on the Hibiscus Coast.

Stencil Art New Zealand

Stencil Art New Zealand Along with my new site www.art.kiwi.nz I snapped up www.stencilart.co.nz! I want to make it a rad little site showcasing stencil art from all over New Zealand! Enter: Stencil Art New Zealand. Of course at the moment it is just me and a lovely lady by the name Carlie Fittock I met through my facebook page on there (because I only made it yesterday) but I am sure there will be a lot of artists join over time.

The War of Art- Steven Pressfield + Other Books

Originally written for www.pinknoise.co.nz in 2013 I just couldn鈥檛 work out why this book was recommended to me over and over and over for a few months, it also just seemed to pop up in the weirdest places.